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Since Essentials 2.11.1, you can now configure the output of /list.

The list configuration allows you to do 3 things:

  • Merge: You can create a custom display group, and have it display players from the listed groups.
  • Hide: If you just want to hide a group from display, you can mark a group as hidden.
  • Limit: You can set a maximum number of displayed nicknames before the list is truncated.


This config section allows you to override/edit the /list command, to better present your groups in a easy to read format.

By default, it will display the groups in the order you define them in this section, any undefined groups will be displayed after in alphabetical order. If you want to suppress the remaining groups, you can do this by defining a catch all group, more information on this is below.

If you don't want to have any group sorting at all, you can disable this section by commenting it all out, or defining a single catch all group.


You can create a merged or custom list by simply listing the new name, and the names of the groups you'd like to include

 Staff: owner admin moderator


You can hide a group from display by redefining the group as 'hidden'

 default: hidden


You can truncate the list by defining a limit where after which the list will be hidden and replaced with an instruction to display the full list.

 builder: 20

Catch All

By default, any undefined groups will be just displayed normally, but if you want to group all other players into single group you can do this using a wildcard

 Players: '*'


   Admin: owner admin
   stealth: hidden
   builder: 20
   default: 0

With this example, owners and admins will be displayed as a single group, builders will only be listed if there are less than 20 online, it will never list the default users, and players in the 'stealth' group will be completely hidden.