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Essentials Economy is a rather simple implementation of a currency based economy system for Bukkit.


There are a number of commands for use ingame, including but not limited to:

  • /eco, /economy: Allows you to take, give, or reset a player's money.
  • /sell: Sells an item and amount at the price specified in the worth.yml.
  • /balance, /bal, /money: Displays the current balance of a player.
  • /pay: Pays a specified player from your balance.

Configuration Options

There are a number of different options related to the internal economy system.

Most the options speak for themselves, and are fairly obvious, at least with the attached comment.
These options will generally only effect servers running with Essentials Economy as their economy system.

 # Defines the balance with which new players begin.  Defaults to 0.
 starting-balance: 0

 # Set this to a currency symbol you want to use.
 currency-symbol: '$'
 # Set the maximum amount of money a player can have
 # The amount is always limited to 10 trillions because of the limitations of a java double
 max-money: 10000000000000

 # Set the minimum amount of money a player can have (must be above the negative of max-money).
 # Setting this to 0, will disable overdrafts/loans completely.  Users need '' perm to go below 0.
 min-money: -10000
 # Enable this to log all interactions with trade/buy/sell signs and sell command
 economy-log-enabled: false
 # Enable the logging of all EssEco API calls
 economy-log-update-enabled: false

Command costs are also part of Essentials Eco, but are compatible with other economy plugins as well.

 # Defines the cost to use the given commands PER USE
 # Some commands like /repair have sub-costs, check the wiki for more information.
   home: 100
   kit-tools: 1500

In this example, Essentials will charge the user '100' any time they use /home command successfully.
Unlike most command cost plugins, the Essentials command costs will only charge the user once the command completes successfully. This also takes into account teleport delays and cooldowns. For this reason, this option is not compatible with commands from other plugins.

Some commands in Essentials support sub costs. With these commands it is possible to charge more selectively. For example you can set different prices for different kits using the above syntax. You can also charge per item repaired with the /repair command.


You can create signs in-game (provided you have access) which will allow players to create trade shops, or simply buy or sell items.

Converting to Essentials Economy

Converting to Essentials Economy from a currently supported system is fairly easy in most situations. However, the conversion process relies on Essentials having userdata for all players you wish to save the balance for.

Essentials passively saves a copy of players balances whenever the Essentials API reads a players balance. This can happen quite often on regular servers, meaning Essentials will often have a complete backup of your active Economy. To take a backup of all known players, you can use the /baltop command.

The /baltop command forces Essentials to read the current balance of all 'known' user accounts. This can take a little while if using a slow economy system such as mysql iConomy, or if you have had many users on your server. While baltop is running, your server's performance should not be affected.

Once the baltop command completes (you should see a list of top balances), simply remove your old economy plugin and restart the server.

Note: If you are just switching to Essentials and Essentials doesn't have a database of all your users (or you delete userdata often), there is no easy way to import players balances, since Essentials has no idea whose balances to look up.